Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Margate are coming?

Its set to be freezing all day so today's game MAY be in doubt.  I am travelling to Basel (where it is even colder!) so wont be able to update this page until I get to my hotel at 5-ish so keep an eye out on the message board for updates.
If the game is on, Margates form is hot enough to melt any ice on the pitch.  Five wins over the last six games?  Lucky blighters.
Kick off at 7.45...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tanners 0 - 5 Bury Town

It is difficult for me to sum up exactly what went wrong here as I do not have a clue about these things but I THINK today was a bit of a ruddy disaster.  Our healthy goal difference gone and another slap in the face following last weeks wretched display.

Some positives though.  Namely the opening 20 minutes where the hoof was replaced with some crisp passing and with two new recruits thrown in the mix it is refreshing to say one of them had a good game.  Dolby out on the left put in a first half reminiscent of Glen Boosey away at the Met with his tricks and turns.

While it was entertaining it was largely unproductive.  The Bury 'keeper's missus would have been delighted to see his kit remain spotless until the 70 minute.

Bury then stunned us with two quick goals.  They were given some room to shoot and took the opportunity.  Chico parried well given the power in the shot but it fell to a Bury striker who finished clinically.  A minute later the Smith was put through on goal and again finished well. 
Deflated, we went in for half time.

What we needed in the second half was a steady ship.  Build from the back and score some goals.  I mean.  Its not rocket science.  Within two minutes of the restart we were caught short at the back and they were clear on goal.  Our covering player tried to stop the danger and in doing so leaned (ever so slightly) on the advancing striker and down he went.  The ref could not wait to give the penalty doing that running, blowing the whistle and pointing thing they love.  Luckily for us the spot kick was ballooned into the Bernard Edwards stand.

Charitable but not as charitable as Chico 10 minutes later.  A slow ball bounced in the area towards goal and Chico seemed mesmerised by it.  He put his hands out at his sides as if he was going to let it go wide but as with our cricketers that was a mistake.  It turned in the rough and clipped the far stump and trickled in.  How's that!?  Ruddy shambolic.  I looked behind the goal to see my son blissfully happy playing football.  He hadn't seen a minute of this.  The ignorance of youth eh..?

Then heads dropped and Tommy (our only credible goal threat) was withdrawn for safe keeping.  The changes did bring on fresh drive which brought about some shooting that gave our side netting one hell of a beating but nothing on target.

Meanwhile Bury Town scored an absolute scorcher from outside the box and then a tap in for their hattrick hero Smith.  Sandwiched in there was a Bury goal disallowed for offside.  The player who "scored" was then got booked for playing on but our view was the whistle only went after the ball was in the back of the net so unless he said something it was a tad harsh.

So, the most in form Margate come Tuesday and then we can really start looking forward to next Saturday which could prove to be the most entertaining weekend from here to the end of the season!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bury Town are coming

Typical sensational weather headlines of "Britain set to freeze" may put tomorrow in doubt, although on closer inspection it may only apply to Scotland.  As usual.
Bury make the long trip tomorrow with the hope of making a double over us.  They beat us at their place although we were helped along the way with a penalty.  I can't really say that I've seen them not given as it was actually almost impossible to see what the incident was.  Cuddling in the area I think.
After a disappointing trip away last week hopefully we can up our game in front of a home crowd.
Kick off at 3pm.  See you there.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winsgate & Finchley 1 - 0 Tanners

A sleepy looking Leatherhead took to the blustery field of play and were caught napping early on.  The defence left Chico completely exposed and the grateful striker headed powerfully home in the opening few minutes to score the winning goal.

Leatherhead now have a habit of when things do not go their way they play a tiresome hoof and hold game that does little to create chances especially in these conditions.

Tommy had our only real shot on goal. 
Tommy beat their keeper to a ball but the shot stopper spread himself well to smother the chance.

The the home side commenting their form resembled a stranded ocean liner this may be considered the one that got away come the end of the season.

Bury Town next...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Travelling Tanners

A big game this weekend.  Concord was frozen off and so the lads have had a few days eating raw steak while staring at the league table to be really up for this.
We've met before this season.  In some Charity Shield or other and we won 3-1.  We'd swap that for a win tomorrow I am sure...
Kick off at 3pm.  Directions can be found here.  Good luck fellas.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The pitch did not thaw out in time and like many other games tonight it has been called off following two pitch inspections.
Any good FA Cup replays on the telly?

Concord are coming

Well... they could be.  The temperature is not quite as high as forecast and so there is a risk that it wont thaw out in time.  That said there has been no word of a pitch inspection so there is hope... keep popping back for updates.
If it goes ahead tonight's game is massive.  Concord smashed four goals against Bury which is impressive stuff so we'll have to be back to our best.
Kick off at 7.45.  I hope.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tanners 2 - 0 Hastings

Leatherhead get back to winning ways by reverting to how they were playing when they were enjoying winning ways.  Ryan Thomas was given a rare start to exploit his pace while the new player Goma Lambu watched from the bench.

After travelling 170 miles over the last two games to see one shot on target I looked at this game being played out in front of me a hugely entertaining although I have been assured it wasn't.  That said Leatherhead managed to control the play and seemed camped in their half for the opening 20 minutes or so.

Although it was the Hastings defence who were troubling the Hastings' Adonis between the sticks by forcing a corner from a back pass from within the centre circle and then hitting the post when a clearance struck a defender's head and went goal wards.

When Leatherhead did have a chance to test their 'keeper the chance was missed.  Leatherhead were awarded a dubious penalty and Tommy stepped up to blast it just wide.  Corinthian spirit at work I am sure.

Second half and it did get a little scrappy, but scrappy with effort.  Leatherhead again got a penalty through the craft of Kev Terry who got his back foot taken away as he weaved his way through the area.  Simmo stepped up and struck the ball dangerously down the middle but the keeper had over committed in his dive and he was beaten.

Hastings then came out like a swarm of angry bees leaving Chico to swat away a few decent chances until a long ball found Tommy free on goal.  Out came their keeper who despite his height could not prevent Tommy from finding the back of the net as he was lobbed to perfection.

Leatherhead saw the game out as winners only to hear some big scores elsewhere in the league.  Notably Concord smashing four past Bury... we'll be seeing THEM Tuesday...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hastings Are Coming

If Leatherhead need to look for any signs of hope for survival perhaps Hastings is a good place to start.  They've scored one goal less and let in three more yet they sit in a healthy 16th place and are 6 points better off.
All Leatherhead have to do is not concede from a set piece and score a goal or two.  A far cry from the last two performances but perhaps they were just homesick... it is a crucial game so I hope we get back to winning ways for this one.
Kick off at 3pm.  See you there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

South Park 1 - 0 Tanners

On leaving the ground some of the views of this was Leatherhead were "******* rubbish" as they kept giving the "******* ball away".  Now these are mild mannered gentlemen reflecting, in frustration, on another ******* shambles.

Leatherhead do not appear to have the services of Rob Hayworth and started with Drewett back from injury with some other changes.  Greg Andrews allowed to start with Vernon, Terry and Hutchings on the bench.

South Park looked composed while Leatherhead lacked any kind of drive again.  Simmo was an exception while Andrews showed signs of being back to his best (and certainly seemed up for it) but would often over complicate it and get himself into trouble.  A real shame as this game was crying out for some of the quality he is capable of.

Second half and slowly the changes were made.  Tommy, Terry and Thomas on to add some quality and speed.  It started to show signs of working until on the 65th minute a powerful header from a corner (as it was that did the damage on Saturday) put the hosts in front.

Tommy forced the keeper into perhaps his only save after some smart work from Terry and was Kev brought down in the box in the last minute?  Perhaps but we did not deserve it.

Momentum lost through tinkering.  Problems again.

Travelling Tanners

Obvious cliche aside as are off to South Park tonight for the Surrey Senior Cup.  Beaten finalists last season and with this our last cup perhaps we can hope for a good performance and some goals to ease the pain of last Saturday.  After all, we have our very own ex-Premiership Thierry Henry to bring on and score a magical winner no?
Directions can be found here.  Kick off at 7.45pm.  Good luck Tanners!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

East Thurrock 3 - 0 Tanners

A narrow defeat for Leatherhead... I say narrow as for 89 minutes they played with a complete lack of width as well as no purpose or drive.  Where any width was present it was down the right hand side to a Kev Terry who was deployed far to deep for his style of play on account of us playing a more conventional 4 4 2 with an arrival of a new striker (name unknown).

For the first minute Leatherhead were bright and were swinging in the ball from wide areas.  This was somewhat enforced as we won three corners in quick succession.  From there East Thurrock tip toed their way back into the back.

It was less obvious in the first half but come the second half their fast feet were passing the ball quickly along the ground while we opted for an obvious chip and charge.

Their opener came from a long build up play and finally they had sight of goal and the shot despite being almost dead centre had enough on it to beat Chico.  Two corners and two free headers in the next 10 minutes finished us off.

All together the worst game of the season.  Perhaps Cirencester edged it but it was a close run thing.  Fresh ideas needed as this is the second game in a row where I felt we lacked inspiration...

Friday, January 06, 2012

Travelling Tanners

Tomorrow is a big one.  True it is a new ground for me but also another one of those crucial six pointers.  Given our run of form and l
ooking at the league table, you might think they are the sort of side we ought to be beating these days. 

However, like us, they had a bad start and are now moving up the table.  They've Seven wins and a draw from the last eight games in all competitions!

Directions to this cracker of a game can be found here.  Kick off at 3pm.  See you there!

Write up courtesy of rivermole

Monday, January 02, 2012

Tanners 1 - 1 The Met

A big point today that does little in terms of the league place right now as we stay in 19th but with other teams winning it keeps us in touch.

Today's game was never going to be easy.  The Met have twice as many points as us for a reason and that is they are well equipped for this league.  Their centre backs were impressive today for starters.

Although we have a few surprises up our sleeve too.  Notably Tommy Van Basten Hutchings who decided (and I have no doubt in my mind he meant it) shoot from almost the corner flag.  The Met 'keeper tried to flap at it but it was too good as it lobbed him, hit the far post and crept in.  Some say it was a cross but when you're hot you're hot.

So stunned were the rest of the Tanners they allowed their No 4 to stroll up the pitch and slot in a pass to their striker on the edge of the box who was afforded the same amount of free space and he in turn passed it into the back of the net.  Easy for them.  Sloppy from us.

The second half saw The Met grow in confidence as they rattled the post and forced us into a goal line clearance from a breakaway move.  Leatherhead seemed determined to make this cross field pass from the bottom right to top left work but it was cut out every time.  Perhaps if they tried it for the 16th time..?

We did have a last hooray when we got a free kick on the edge of the box and then a corner in the last minute of stoppage time but it ended 1-1.

Big game Saturday as we go East... Thurrock!

The Met are coming...

Word just in. Pitch is fine and so the game is ON.

The Met have pushed up the league and occupy one of play-off places. Even with our purple patch this is going to be a tough one.

Kick off at 3pm. See you there...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

This may look like an after thought what with this being 12 hours late but Happy New Year to all you Tanners.

2011 will go down in history as the Year of the Terry... but who will be the hero of 2012..?